Salmon Facts

 Chinook (King) Salmon Mid May – Mid August

The King Salmon (Oncorhynchus Tschawytscha) is the largest of the salmon species available in Alaska. It’s a great tasting fish and can weigh more than 40 pounds. The largest Alaskan King ever caught was a 126 pounder in 1949. Join us in making your dreams come true by battling the mighty Alaskan King Salmon. The months of May, June, and July are the best for King Salmon Fishing. These chrome beauties are Alaska’s most prized sport fish. Come chase these magnificent creatures on the last frontier with us.

Alaskan King Salmon is both fun to catch and tasty!


Coho (Silver) Salmon Late June – October

These tenacious fighters will surely make your heart race as you reel in an Alaskan Coho (Silver) Salmon. The Silver Salmon is the second largest of the types of salmon in Alaskan waters. Coho Salmon have green spotted backs and a boxy tail with silver streaks,
hence the “Silver” nickname. Silvers range in size from 5-20 pounds. Ketchikan’s Fall Silver Salmon run typically produces larger sized Coho’s. Considered by many to be the tastiest of salmon species high quality Coho are often frozen whole and sold as a delicacy around the world. Silver Salmon are excellent smoked or grilled as they are not too oily.

Silver Salmon is found in the Ketchikan Alaska waters!

Pink (Humpies) July – August

Pink salmon or humpy salmon (Oncorhynchus Gorbuscha) are the smallest and most prolific of the Pacific salmon found in Alaska weighing on average between 5 to 11 pounds with an average length of 22-27 inches. Pinks are extremely aggressive striking nearly any flashy lure you put in front of them, make no mistake these fish fight very hard for their size. Regardless if your a novice or an expert, July and August are perfect for anyone who wants to catch lots of fish.

Pink Salmon found in the Ketchikan Alaska waters!


Chum (Dog) Salmon July – August

The Chum, or Dog Salmon (Onchorhynchus Keta) received its dog salmon nickname because as it matures and enters freshwater, its canine teeth grow longer giving it an appearance of a dog’s mouth. Chum salmon are most abundant in Ketchikan from July through August and averages between 10 and 15 pounds with some exceeding 30 pounds. Chums are a popular sport fish because they are hard fighters and will test any angler’s stamina.

Pacific Chum of Dog Salmon!